Guiltless, Long, Hot Showers!

With rising fuel costs, in the next few years you're going to pay for a solar hot water system... whether you like it or not!

If you have some southern exposed roof areas, a desire to put money in your pocket (instead of the gas or oil company) and a drive to have longer showers, then solar hot water is perfect for you!

Our systems can either "pre-heat" your existing domestic hot water heating system, or we can install HYBRID systems to integrate solar heating with conventional heating so you can get all the heating you need from one single investment.

Understanding Solar Hot Water

To understand how solar hot water truly works in residential applications, check out our appearance on This Old House, where the experts truly explain the process!


3 to 4 Person Household - 70% of Hot Water Needs Annually

Wagner Inc - Secusol Solar Hot Water Appliance


Southern Maine Solar Hot Water - Package

  •  $7,500.00  - System Cost
  • ($1,500.00) - Efficiency Maine Rebate (Average, Maximum $2,000)
  • ($2,250.00) - 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • $3,750.00 (+/-) Investment Required





Seacoast New Hampshire Solar Hot Water Package

  • $7,500.00  - System Cost
  • ($1,500.00) - NH PUC Solar Rebate (Average)
  • ($2,250.00) - 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • $3,750.00 (+/-) Investment Required 

"How to quickly and easily assess the feasibility for solar hot water at your home or business"

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