Commercial Solar Hot Water - Maine & New Hampshire

Is heating hot water a big cost to your business or facility? If so, you may be an ideal candidate for solar hot water solutions to take advantage of rebates and major tax credits.

Solar hot water is a wonderful, long term energy solution to commercial and industrial facilities with high and constant hot water consumption demands. A well designed system can in many cases satisfy the buildings hot water demands in the summer, while still contributing significant savings over winter months also.

Credits & Rebates

Currently solar hot water solutions qualify for 30% Tax Credits under the Federal Investment Tax Credit for Renewable Energy. In addition, systems also qualify for accelerated depreciation - which combines to over 50% of project cost credited back!


Efficiency Maine offers a solar hot water rebate program to encourage commercial facilities to adopt solar hot water. This helps to reduce payback times by as much as a year! The program funding is available within the following limits;

$500 per 1,000kWh of equivalent energy savings, up to $4,000 maximum rebate amount



The State of New Hampshire provides some MAJOR solar hot water incentives which make solar thermal technologies of all types in New Hampshire very attractive. The program details are as follows;

$0.07 per thousand btu's annually, 25% of project cost or $50,000 maximum (whichever is less)

Class I Solar Thermal Renewable Energy Credits (REC's) to be sold/traded on open market at current price of $55/MWh

APPLICATIONS for solar hot water include

  • Apartment Housing
  • Indoor Pools & Fitness Centers
  • Food Service, Processing & Bottling Facilities
  • Correction Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Wineries & Breweries
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Agriculture

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