METAL Transpired Solar Ventilation Heating

The MOST ECONOMICAL way to use solar energy to add major heat savings!

CALENTO - Solar Metal Walls

The Calento wall system is Trigo Energie's perforated metal solar heating system in partnership with ATAS International. which has been in existence for many years and has become a work-horse of the solar heating industry in many industrial and commercial applications. This proven technology is low cost, high impact and has provided clean, renewable heating solutions for commercial, industrial, agricultural, municipal and institutional buildings throughout the world.

Unlike lower quality systems, our collectors are available in non-corrosive Aluminum panels.

Much like the glazed systems, the Calento products can also be used to act as the siding solution for any new construction or retrofit application. With it's lower cost, the Calento system is likely to have a lower cost per square foot than most commercial siding solutions such as brick, EIFS or insulated wall panels -

Why is Calento Unique? Extremely adaptable design, numerous profiles and colors, custom fabrication solutions available, very receptive to complicated design.

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The Calento system is a perforated OR non-perforated solar hot air system using metal cladding technology to captures solar heat on the surface of the dark metal collector (color selections available). The perforations or other air intakes allow fresh air to enter a wall cavity behind the metal collector where the HVAC system is connected to preheat large volumes of ventilation air to the building.

The Calento system is certified by both CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and SRCC (Solar Rating Certification Corporation) and is regarded as the most versatile, low cost industrial heating solution available for solar heating in the world.



Metal Absorber Panel

The system incorporates a dark metal (for best performance) wall panel which is perforated with hundreds of tiny holes. In some cases it can be unperforated with air introduction at bottom and sides.

The sun heats the wall surface forming a boundary layer of warm air on the outside surface of the collector.



Air Plenum

A series of framing members are installed to create a wall cavity where air can travel within the system.

These framing members are treated with a galvanized coating to ensure the systems long life cycle of 30 to 40 years. The plenum is sized to allow control of air, and is normally between 4” to 8” in depth, depending on air flow.



HVAC Connection

Once the collector panels are applied to the plenum framing system, the UnitAir system is then connected to the fresh air intake of the building HVAC system to behave like a super-sized “solar intake louver”, much like it's sister technology the Lubi™ system. When fresh air is drawn into the building in the winter, the outside ambient temperatures are raised up to 40F depending on sunlight, to drastically reduce the volume of energy required for ventilation heating.

Ideal for

The UnitAir system is the only transpired metal system which provides a comprehensive profile selection, color selection with unlimited design potential. The system also has highly adaptive air flow design characteristics, making it a wonderful solution for buildings requiring long expanses of horizontal wall area. It can also be combined with Lubi™ glazing systems to create a double-stage collector design.

The UnitAir system is ideal for any new commercial construction project, and is extremely well suited to existing facilities such as:

  • Athletics & Health/Fitness Centers
  • Indoor Pools
  • Healthcare/Hospitals
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Veterinary & Animal Services
  • Schools & Universities
  • Auditoriums/Stadiums
  • Agriculture
  • Auto Body, Metal Fabrication/Welding & Paint Spray Booths
  • Laboratories, Clean Rooms
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Industrial Manufacturing, Boiler Room Make-Up Air
  • Warehousing & Distribution Centers

Tax Credits

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (30%) currently applies to the Lubi solar system, as well as accelerated depreciation. Local state and utility rebates may also apply – particularly in Maine and New Hampshire currently

Project Images

Solar Hot Air - Tennis/Athletic Facility

UnitAir™ Solar Cladding - Architectural Integration

Industrial Transpired Metal Solar Project - Quebec, CA

Massachusetts Solar Air Heating - L Knife & Son


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