How much can I save?

A solar air heating system allows you to LOCK IN YOUR FUEL rates equivalent to:

FREE is the fastest payback!

Why New Construction = No Brainer

Our solar air heating systems REPLACE most commercial cladding/siding solutions such as brick, EIFS, glazing and insulated metal wall panels, WITHOUT ADDED COST in most cases!

Is there any quicker payback than free?

The sun will shine on your building every day for many years - why reflect that energy when you can use it SIMPLY BY MODIFYING SIDING SOLUTIONS?

Institutional Solar Siding Solution

30% Federal Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credit & Depreciation

Our solar air heating projects allow tax paying entities to qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit & accelerated depreciation for solar heating systems on commercial buildings. Not only does this REDUCE the cost of the solar by 30%, but it includes all fans, ductwork, controls, engineering and associated costs required for the project! 


State Solar Thermal Rebate Programs

MAINE - Efficiency Maine

Currently in the State of Maine (ME), the Efficiency Maine Trust has a rebate for commercial and residential solar air heating systems. This rebate is up to $4,000 per project for commercial and $2,000 for residential. Our systems qualify for this rebate program. Please see the attached link at Efficiency Maine to learn more...

NEW HAMPSHIRE - Commercial & Industrial Solar Thermal Rebate

Currently the State of New Hampshire (NH) has one of the most aggressive solar thermal rebate programs in the USA. The program is funded by the state's utilities via the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard. The program offers to cover 25% of project cost up to a maximum of $50,000 per project. When combined with the 30% federal tax credit & depreciation, any private business or tax paying entity can take advantage of almost 75% to 80% of cost being covered.

So if you're in New Hampshire - there's NEVER EVER going to be another opportunity as ripe as NOW for solar air heating.


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