The sun shines on your building EVERY day!

Why not make your building BE a solar collector, instead of having to put collectors on them?

Our solar cladding solutions REPLACE the cost of common architectural cladding systems, which means that ANY new building can get FREE solar energy by incorporating our products into the design.

Off the Wall Savings!!

What if your building could literally provide some of it's own energy?

Well - it can. 

Solar energy is already shining on buildings every day. So with the right solutions in place, we harvest that energy so buildings CREAT THEIR OWN energy...

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit on Solar AND HVAC equipment!

  • State Rebates in Some Locations

  • Custom Utility Rebates

Simple = Economical

Our wall mounted systems don't add expensive electrical components, wiring, piping, racking systems or "triple the cost" building integrated energy solutions. Our wall mounted applications allow your building to BE THE SOLUTION. 

Our glazed and metal Solar Air Heating systems create a completely external framing cavity or air space which is covered by a multi-wall polycarbonate glazing or metal cladding solution to harvest the solar heat that already hits your building. The solar energy is then used to pre-heat ventilation air or provide space heating for many hours each day in some of the most brutal winter climates! With enough wall area, we can create enough heat to achieve remarkable savings whenever the sun shines. 

It's as simple as that. 

Architectural Solutions WITH solar energy

So instead of having a louver or grill that draws freezing cold air into the building through a small opening, we provide impressive architectural solar solutions that provide this fresh air source or even space heating source from a significantly larger surface area that is heated by the sun! Think of it as a supersized solar intake louver for fresh air, or an architectural greenhouse that captures heat for space heating.

Roof Mounted Savings

Sometimes a wall mounted solar heater just can't be used for one reason or another. For this situation, we then encourage the use of the FRESCO roof mounted collector from Trigo Energies.

The principle is exactly the same as wall mounted solutions. A cavity or collector supported by a simple racking system builds solar heat, but is located on the roof in rows of solar modules, connected to building ventilation systems using ductwork.

Unlike conventional solar hot water and solar electric systems, our roof mounted modules come with innovative options that make installation a breeze, and provides a lightweight solar solution with endless structural engineering options and solutions.