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The most efficient solar energy is already hitting your building. You just need to capture it...

Our solar air heating solutions have the ability to:

  • REPLACE cladding on new construction projects!
  • Create 4 to 6 times more energy than Solar Electric (PV) & Wind Energy
  • Create 2 times more energy than Solar Hot Water
  • Convert up to 80% of energy that hits the collector

The easiest renewable energy system to maintain.

  • No Moving Parts
  • No Freezing Issues
  • No overheating issues
  • No Condensation issues
  • No Cleaning or maintenance required

How much energy did your brick wall save you last year?

Our solar air heaters are an attractive Architectural siding system, and can REPLACE conventional siding systems when installed in your new construction project. Contact us to find out how to integrate these solutions and achieve investment paybacks on day one!

Save energy, natural resources, and your construction budget at the same time!

Why spend money on construction materials that don't generate free energy?

More fresh air for less...

Installed on a buildings wall or roof, solar air heating creates a greenhouse effect on your building in the wintertime, to build heat inside the collector cavity

The heat generated is then delivered to your building via ductwork which is connected to a fan or HVAC unit.

When used for industrial and commercial ventilation applications, our solar air heating systems generate savings as quick as 0 to 5 years.

We pre-heat the ventilation air coming into a building in the wintertime to achieve major energy savings, as well as providing space heating for many hours every day for hundreds of commercial scale applications.

“fastest investment paybacks of any clean energy solution.”

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