Merrimack County Corrections - Boscawen, NH

This 64 collector solar hot water system is one of the largest, if not the largest active solar hot water system in the State of NH. The project was delivered under a Design/Build contract in partnership with TE2 Engineering, LLC for solar/mechanical enigneering and design.

Construction started in May of 2011 which involved the excavation, forming and pouring of sonotube foundations to provide frost protection and support the extensive structural beams and collector framing. The collectors were all in place at the end of May, after which time the exterior piping commenced.

A commercial pump station appliance was delivered and set in place in in June, followed by three 675 gallon ASME rated pressurized storage tanks. After running the system for a number of weeks with water as the transfer fluid, the system was finally commissioned with propylene glycol in August and has been running smoothly ever since...

With up to 5,000 gallons of hot water consumption daily at the corrections facility, this solar hot water system still maintains over 160F temps in the summer - that's a lot of energy!