Lowell WWTF, Lowell MA

As part of a multi-million dollar upgrade to the City of Lowell’s Wastewater Treatment Facility, a SolarWall™ transpired solar hot air system was incorporated into the project. This 1,024sf wall was supplied and installed by Shift Energy at the south wall of the influent pump station for the plant to respond to a significant planned increase in ventilation.

That being said, after a couple of weeks on 60 foot boom lifts hovering over 4 screw augers ready to chew us to pieces, the solar hot air system was completed to the exact day promised... And we only dropped one screw!

This 1,024sf solar hot air system can supply up to 10,000cfm of fresh air to the building while bumping temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees F from outside air temp.

(SolarWall™ is a product and trademark of Conserval Engineering, Inc.)