L Knife & Son, Inc. - Kingston, MA - SolarWall

L Knife & Son is one of the largest beer distributors in the Northeast. In fact, if you’re in Massachussetts and drinking a Budweiser, it probably came from them.

When restaurants, bars and clubs sell a bottle of beer, L Knife & Son come back and pick up the empties, transport them back to their facility for crushing at their recycling plant before being sent off site to complete the recycling chain. This bottle crushing requires vast amounts of fresh air to manage some fairly nasty odors!

Our team designed & installed this 2,200sf solar hot air system using transpired/perforated metal technology from SolarWall™, which gave the matching aesthetic qualities that L Knife were after to blend with their black curtainwall system on the main building. The outcome not only looked pleasing, but saves a boatload of energy.

The design solution involved constructing 8 separate wall systems which were manifolded together with over 250ft of ductwork and tied into the mechanical unit. With up to 10,000cfm (cubic feet per minute) of air ripping through the system, the solar still manages to delivery mid 70’s temps on some of the coldest sunny winter days.

(SolarWall™ is a trademark of Conserval Engineering, Inc.)