Cuba-Rushford High School, NY - LubaGL™ Roof Mounted Solar Heating

In 2011, Shift Energy & Enerconcept Technologies was contacted by JW Danforth, one of the largest mechanical contractors in the country to provide an alternative roof mounted solar heating solution for a high school project in Cuba, NY.

The use of the LubaGL™ system by Enerconcept allowed for significant benefits in structural integrated design, a superior performing collector and significant savings in ductwork and construction due to the lightweight design of the LubaGL™ collectors (allowing for location of collectors almost anywhere on the roof)

The 138 collector system was awarded to the Shift Energy/Enerconcept team, with complete design, engineering and installation being done in partnership with JW Danforth. The project is one of, if not the largest roof mounted solar air heating system in the USA (or world!!?)

The feedback from contractor JW Danforth, engineer Clark Patterson Lee and the client has been astounding, with performance that's exceeded expectations on all fronts!

Check out this video tour!