Solar Hot Water - Maine & New Hampshire

In 2011, Shift Energy was featured on popular public television home improvement show "This Old House" - Click on the photo or the attached link to see the whole episode.

EPISODE 21 - This Old House - Barrington, RI

SKIP TO Scene 7 of 7 (18.30min mark)  

If you’ve ever left your garden hose sitting in the sun, you know how well the sun can heat water!

Now take that concept, add some intelligent design, product choices and a team with experience in some of the largest systems in the region and you have an idea that’s about to save energy in ways you can literally feel and enjoy!

Have you ever considered how much energy it takes to heat your hot water? With roughly 15 to 25 gallons a day of hot water consumption per person this can add up to a lot of energy. Especially if you have an old boiler or electric hot water tank. Why is it expensive you ask?

Well, for every gallon of hot water you use, your heater needs to replace it with cold water (around 45 to 50 degrees F), which must be raised to temperatures around 120 degrees or more. That can be a lot of energy when you’re constantly drawing hot water.

Commercial & Residential

Our team has extensive experience in the field of solar hot water that spans from some of the largest installations in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, all the way down to simple residential applications for homeowners and television production shows such as This Old House.

Shift Energy is one of very few solar thermal contractors with the capability of performing full scale solar thermal design, construction, operation and maintenance in-house. Our project require very little if any outside contracting since our forces are fully capable of performing all aspects of our project installation work.


Did you know?


  • Solar hot water is the most time-tested commercial solar solution (maybe other than solar hot air!)

  • Solar thermal has faster paybacks than solar electric, especially if there's no rebates or tax incentives.

  • A 30% tax credit applies for solar hot water systems, and accelerated depreciation for commercial systems.

  • It's extremely well suited to homes or buildings on heating oil, propane or electric hot water heating.

  • Carries attractive solar rebates in most New England states.

  • Will provide over 25 years of free hot water.