GLAZED Solar Space Heating & Ventilation

REPLACE commercial siding solutions with FREE solar energy AND Heat Recovery!

ACERO & ACERO HX Solar Glazed Walls

The ACERO system by Trigo Energies is a solar heating system that provides clean, renewable heat for commercial, industrial, agricultural, municipal and institutional buildings throughout the world. As an architectural siding solution, the ACERO system is the first economical solar solution that literally replaces conventional siding solutions without adding to construction budgets. That means your new building can have FREE solar energy without any capital investment - Contact Us to learn more...

Shift Energy is a design/build provider of the most innovative and efficient solar heating systems in the marketplace. Our partnership with Trigo Energies provides solutions to the US market for space heating, ventilation and heat recovery using an architecturally rich, long life glazing solution.

The ACERO system is certified by both CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and SRCC (Solar Rating Certification Corporation) and regarded as the most efficient solar air heating collector in the marketplace due to both it's high heat generation and heat recovery capacity. 

ACERO - Space Heating Only

This architectural cladding solution is perfect for buildings with low/minimum ventilation requirements, and whose energy for heat is primarily for space heating. The glazing system creates a narrow plenum in the wall that is used to recirculate air from the building, into the wall system where it is heated by the sun, and then delivered back to the building as super-heated air.

ACERO HX - Solar + Heat Recovery

For buildings with much larger ventilation loads, the ACERO system can be used on it's own to pre-heat ventilation air or can now feature the Extrudair technology that provides energy recovery! Since the exhaust air from the building still contains significant heat, it passes through the back side of a sealed extruded aluminum channel system within the wall. Air coming into the wall from outside (fresh air) is then heated by both the sun, as well as capturing waste heat from the exhaust air. So the wall captures heat 24/7 as it captures waste heat during the night, while delivery both waste heat and solar heat savings during the day.

How it Works

 Solar Glazed Wall Heater - How it Works



The system takes any existing wall surface and turns it into a solar absorber. This absorber can be a black metal collector supplied by Enerconcept, or can be existing brick, metal or any other existing wall cladding system. Logically, the darker the material - the higher the performance.



Framing & Air Plenum: 

A series of framing members are installed to create a wall cavity where air can travel within the system. These framing members are a combination of galvanized and powder-coated perimeter framing, and extruded aluminum vertical bars. The plenum is sized to allow control of air, and is normally between 4” to 8” in depth, depending on air flow.




The systems clever design incorporates UV treated polycarbonate glazing panels which completely cover the framing system to create an enclosed air plenum/space. The sun heats through the surface of the glazing where the absorber retains this heat, creating a layer of very warm air. Unlike other glazed solar heating systems, the Lubi system has a unique patented perforation technology which allows air to pass through the surface of the collector via tiny holes in the polycarbonate surface.




Trim & Flashing: 

Once the panels are installed, the system is finished with an innovative aluminum trim system which has very similar properties to curtain wall/window wall glazing.





Air Intake: 

The Lubi wall system is connected to the fresh air intake of the building HVAC system to then behave like a supersized “solar intake louver”. When fresh air is drawn into the building in the winter, the outside ambient temperatures are raised up to 80F depending on air flow and sunlight, to drastically reduce the volume of energy required for ventilation heating.





Ideal Applications

The Lubi system is ideal for any new commercial construction project, and is extremely well suited to existing facilities such as:

  • Athletics & Health/Fitness Centers
  • Indoor Pools
  • Healthcare/Hospitals
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Veterinary & Animal Services
  • Schools & Universities
  • Auditoriums/Stadiums
  • Agriculture
  • Auto Body, Metal Fabrication/Welding & Paint Spray Booths
  • Laboratories, Clean Rooms
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Industrial Boiler Room Make-Up Air
  • Warehousing & Distribution Centers

Tax Credits & Rebates

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (30%) currently applies to the ACERA solar system, as well as accelerated depreciation. Local state and utility rebates may also apply in additional to custom utility rebates.

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