ROOF MOUNT Solar Heated Ventilation & Heat Recovery

The SIMPLEST and most INNOVATIVE roof mounted solar heating system!

FRESCO - Heat Recovery & Solar Heat Collector

The Fresco solar system is Trigo's exciting roof mounted system which provides a simple, effective solution for the vast areas of flat rooftops which provide an amazing opportunity for renewable heating in commercial, industrial, agricultural, municipal and institutional buildings throughout the world.

The Fresco collector provides dual purpose solar heating AND heat recovery! The system is by far the most simple and economical solar air heating solution available in the market, and is included in some of the largest roof mounted solar air projects in the world

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The FRESCO system is a patented roof mounted solar heating technology which captures solar heat to preheat large volumes of ventilation air, while ALSO providing the unique ability of recovering wasted heat from exhaust systems at the same time. This optimizes savings from combining solar and energy recovery for 24/7 savings.

The collectors glazed surface allows for significant heat generation inside of the black absorber frame. Fresh air is drawn in through this plenum/cavity to preheat ventilation. The back surface of the collector provides a secondary plenum where exhaust is able to travel and provide the benefits of heat recovery! This highly efficient system draws outside air into the system exactly where the energy is being generated – while harvesting energy from exhaust air whenever possible.

The image above shows daytime operation where solar heat is being captured to heat ventilation air. The image below shows how the collector recovers and transfers heat from exhaust, back into the incoming ventilation air stream.


How it Works




Much like other glazed solar collectors, the FRESCO system has a dark absorber surface which builds a layer of very warm air inside the plenum of the collector. This intelligent design draws the buildings ventilation air into the collector exactly where the highest concentration of heat exists. A layer of felt material is then used to help diffuse the air evenly through the plenum, while stopping radiation losses back to the outside.



Air Plenum

The collector box frame provides a 4” plenum for the heated air to travel through, which is then connected to manifold ductwork. The ductwork is connected to the outside air intake of the ventilation system. A total of eight collectors can be banked together in one row.





The system is covered with a UV treated double-wall polycarbonate glazing which traps the heat inside the collector, as well as insulating heat loss from the outside.





Collector Framing & Racking

The FRESCO system has it's own custom racking solution to support the collectors. Each module contains two rack supports, which are simply raised into the upright position on pressure treated blocking. The system rests on the roof area without any roof penetrations, and each bank of collectors are joined together using stiffener bars to create a continuous structure. Finally, the complete structure is anchored to the building at appropriate locations using airline cable and structural anchors.



Manifold Ductwork

Once each bank of collectors has been assembled into an upright position, the LubaGL system is then connected to the fresh air intake of the building HVAC system via manifold ductwork. Each bank of collectors includes a balancing key to adjust even air flow through the system.

When fresh air is drawn into the building in the winter, the outside ambient temperatures are raised up to 80F depending on sunlight, to drastically reduce the volume of energy required for ventilation heating.

Ideal Applications

The FRESCO system is ideal for any new commercial construction project, and is extremely well suited to existing facilities such as:

  • Athletics & Health/Fitness Centers
  • Indoor Pools
  • Healthcare/Hospitals
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Veterinary & Animal Services
  • Schools & Universities
  • Auditoriums/Stadiums
  • Agriculture
  • Auto Body, Metal Fabrication/Welding & Paint Spray Booths
  • Laboratories, Clean Rooms
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Industrial Boiler Room Make-Up Air
  • Warehousing & Distribution Centers

Tax Credits & Rebates

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (30%) currently applies to the LubaGL solar system, as well as accelerated depreciation. Local state and utility rebates may also apply.

Project Images

LubaGL Roof Mounted Solar Air - Cuba Rushford HS, NY

LubaGL™ Roof Solar Air - Cross Bracing & Racking

Transportation Facility - Montreal, QC

LubaGL™ Roof Solar Air - Cuba Rushford HS



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