Sanborn Regional High School, Kingston NH - Wall 1 of 4

Shift Energy completed the last of four separate solar air heating systems in Kingston, New Hampshire to round out what is the largest combined solar heating system in New Hampshire and New England.

With over 7,800sf of Lubi™ Solar systems in place, the project was delivered under a unique Solar Hot Air PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). As a PPA, the school district had no capital upfront investment. The project is owned by Portsmouth based Revolution Energy, LLC who was able to finance the projectpartly via New Hampshire PUC rebates and by also obtaining the Federal Investment Tax Credit, which school districts cannot access. This helped significantly buy down the cost of the project, and offer more favorable terms for the school.

This first wall is a 2,500sf wall mounted on the south facing wall of a classroom wing serviced by a large heat recovery unit drawing 12,500cfm of outside air. The solar air heating system pre-heats outside air during the heating season.

TEMPERATURES: On sunny January days at 32 degrees, the wall is capable of delivering 60 to 70F temperatures to the ventilation unit, which means that on almost all days above that temperature, the solar air heating system completely shuts off the heat demands of the ventilation system, and provides space heating for many hours of the day also.


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