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Trigo Energies, Inc

We are very proud of our successful USA national distribution relationship with Trigo Energies of Quebec, CA - a worldwide leader in solar air heating. Their technical expertise, support and product options and testing is unprecedented.

Shift Energy is a distributor for Trigo Energies products throughout the USA, with concentration in Northeast states.

More information regarding Trigo Energies can be found at: http://trigoenergies.com/en/ 

Phase Change Materials:

Shift Energy is also a proud representative of Infinite-R™ Phase Change Materials by Insolcorp, LLC.

These cutting edge, amazing mineral based PCM's are arevolution in energy efficiency, adding super-charged thermal mass and energy savings to any building. The PCM is designed to freeze and melt at room temperature, constantly working like a thermal sponge to absorb and release heat to reduce HVAC operation and temperature swings inside a buidling.

More information regarding Insolcorp, LLC can be found at www.insolcorp.com

Project Partners & Installers:

We rely on a network of project partners, installers and agents who provide either sales or turnkey delivery of solar hot air or phase change material solutions in partnership with us. If you are interested in adding these technologies to your company’s service offerings, please contact us at info@shiftnrg.com.

Shift Energy retains a very small but specialized crew to provide turnkey Design/Build project execution when required, and to ultimately offer indepth support and supplemental assistance for our project partners for our solar hot air systems when outside of their field of expertise.

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