Augusta Civic Center Solar

In 2013, the City of Augusta contracted with New England Energy Solutions, Inc to develop and manage a multi-million dollar energy project that involved multiple scopes of work for the City of Augusta, to reduce energy consumption.

As part of that project scope of work, a strong emphasis came from the city to pursue solar technologies where possible. As a result, a 4,650sf solar air heating system using the Lubi™ perforated glazing system was installed at the Augusta Civic Center.

The project also involved an extensive HVAC system at the interior of the building, designed to help de-stratify a difficult to manage auditorium. Two (x2) 150ft fabric ductsox were installed to deliver solar heat and ventilation to the auditorium, adding up to 30,000cfm of additional air movement capacity.

At the time of construction, this project represented the largest solar hot air system in the State of Maine, and one of the largest solar systems in the State of Maine of any kind when considering energy capacity. The system is the equivalent of a 300kW solar electric array.